Your tee shirt pics

Here's Stuart upside down in a Spitfire in a Sinnerboy tee - as you do!!!


Your tee shirt pics

Send in pictures of yourself in your Rory or Sinnerboy tee shirts and get a starring role on the website! (Click on pics to enlarge)

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Here's Jo at The Hoge Stoep Festival (Going for it as usual!)

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Mark Ratcliffe with a Herco plectrum given to him by Rory.

(I once used it at a gig in Leicester and was so disappointed to find it didn't make me play any better at all!)


Barry Booth, and better half - resplendent in Rorys in Edinburgh.


Arthur ter Avest in New York!

The guitar is a Picasso - not very good at guitars is he?


Bart van den Goor in a Rory - and a very nice looking Tele!


...and again doing a very passable D P Gumby!


Ozzy Mossy looking like he's enjoying himself!



'Looks Like the Morning Sun'!


Two great guys - ex speedway star Dave Morton and the lovely Bryan Harries


Karina and Angela McKinney in matching 'Tattoos'


...and with Stephen McKinney in a Ballyshannon.


Arjen De Graaf - Rocking out with Quotation in a Sinnerboy tee shirt!!


Here's Chris Bakos at a Strangler's Concert!


Hazel Stanmore - Richards at Linton festival in a 'Taste lives' Tee - damn those Trebor mints are stong!


Here's Sandra Humphrey in a Sinnerboy (With some bloke)


Here's Patrick in Melbourne

'Sinnerboy down under' ...........I like the sound of that!..........


Here's Mark, Tommy and Dave with Rory in the Diamond, Ballyshannon!


Here is Jan-Martin Zwanenburg, Sinnerboy and Rick Parfitt - Yay!!


The Delightful Despina filling a 'Sinnerboy' nicely.

(But I don't think the Greeks have quite got the hang of lawns yet)


Great shot of Bradders in Vegas - VIVA!!


Lord knows where that bugger Fitch is here!!


Rory in Holland in '87, and the guy in the audience on the left with tons of curly hair is good friend Arjen De Graaf!


Here's mark's prized pic with the man himself!!


Great chums Karen and Paul!

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Oh wow, here's Dino and Annie McGartland with Rory, great picture!

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......and Charlie in a Rory Gallagher Lisdoonvarna '83
proving (If proof were needed) that the McGartlands have finally lost the plot.

(Click on image if you're as daft as they are)


Annette, Karen and some lucky b*****d!

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Annette looking lovely in a first album tee.

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Achim Wobke with Rory and Larry Garner;
'nice little story about this picture ... asked Larry: " Can we make a picture? Just you, Rory and me?" ... his answer: "Sure, if Rory won't mind!" .... made me smile for the rest of the night!!!

best regards Achim'

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here's Jay Jay with Julio Somoano - singer / guitar player from Spanish Rory band 'Good Taste'

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Here's Mark Ratcliffe with THE Stratocaster!!

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...and here's Mark in 1982! (What's that stuff on his head?)

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Here's Lyn looking really happy in Devon in a great Rory tee!

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Rory and Bibi!! Bibi is a rock journalist and you can read her interview with the great man Here!


Hooray! The one and only Annie McGartland in a Top Priority, Rory Strat and background Rory pics - 10 out of 10 I reckon!!!

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Heiner bringing memories flooding back in a 'Meeting Place' tee - and talking of memories, is that a Hofner Galaxie Heiner? (In the days when fenders were just a pipe dream I used to drool over Galaxies in the Hofner catalogue!)

(Click on image to enlarge)


Here's ger Wallace with a pal, and Philo's Mum - Nothing to do with Rory? who cares? everybody who has met Philomina ays the same thing - what a lovely lady she is. Hope I get to meet her one day x


Well we'd all look as happy as Bob if we had a genuine IT74!!!

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Milka looking great in Rory tee and a strat!

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Gratuitous Milka pic 2 (well we're only human aren't we boys!)

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Fab! Here are some of my oldest pals in Ireland, Peter, Graham and Mike from Limerick (Peter says he doesn't know who the other guy is!)


The Limerick lads again, feeding their faces in ballyshannon, only missing Damian (Under the thumb)


Now then, here's Barry Booth, not only looking resplendent in a Defender tour Tee, but also stood next to the one and only Larry Miller!

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This is Laura looking unbelievably cute in a well fitting Shinkicker Tee!

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Here's Rob DeFries lloking cool in a Sinnerboy (With some geeky bass player trying to get in on the act!)


Here is Stuart and his son Vincent on Stuart's wedding day - how dedicated is that!!!

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here's Alicia looking cool in her Sinnerboy tee!

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Here's Michael O'Reagan up a hill - not a crow for miles!!

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Here's Steve Rempel in the Dominican Republic!

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Here's Dave Morton in his vintage Rory tee...........

(Click pic to enlarge) Malta!

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Here's Fitch with a Russian in Sweden (The beautiful Sasha)

Boy that man gets around!

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It's the Roryettes!
Great pic of Jenny, Ingrid, Marjo and Letty in their best Rory tees!!

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here's Chris in a 'Deuce' Outside Sheffield City Hall where he first saw Rory (Dunno what the Olympic connection is yet!)

'No big story,the post box is for Jessica Ennis And the torch is being used to collect donations for cancer research.see you at the caven in November '

So now we know!


Here's Michael O'Reagan from Newcastlewest lloking great in a 'Sinnerboy' at Fuck Plair (Or something like that!)

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Mike in a Sinnerboy on the summit of Machu Pichu!

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Gunter preparing himself for a Sinnerboy gig!

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here's Sonja in a cool Rory shirt.

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Two shots of Fitch proving you pull a better class................


....... of Mexican in a sinnerboy tee shirt!


That's Joyce but who's in the Sinnertee?

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My brother Chris and his son Adam, Family resemblance?

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Juney in her sexy 'customised' Sinnerboy tee!

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The one and only Mr Brian Chambers esq.


The lovely Laura Descarrega from Barcelona - Que?


Flash and Jay Jay in the 'Diamond'

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