Who's in Sinnerboy?

Barry Barnes

I first saw Rory perform in 1970 with Taste.

At the time I was playing in a band called 'Kenny Walker and the seventh Decade', and after the Taste concert I insisted on adding 'What's Going On' and 'Morning Sun' to the Seventh Decade setlist.

As we were a soul band, playing Wilson Picket and Otis Reading numbers, the crowds hated the Rory stuff - Kenny told me that we were dropping the numbers, so I dropped the Seventh Decade!!!

That means I've been playing Rory songs for longer than he was alive, how sad is that?

I loved Rory as a man as I loved his music - i'm just a big fan!

Hadfield, Derbyshire (Royston Vasey)


Jon D Clayton

I'm happy to welcome Jon back for his second term in Sinnerboy.

From a metal background (Brutal Deluxe) he's a heavy player and he rocks the house down wherever he performs.

A permanent member, Jon is an absolute joy to tour with, he has a wonderful sense of humour but also a wonderful sense of what's right, a kind man and a selfless one - he's just great!

Heswall on the Wirral

Also plays with:
Brutal Deluxe


Dave Burns

The first person I contacted in 2001 when I formed Sinnerboy.

Dave had been living in Australia, I knew he was back so I asked a mutual friend Tony Dowler to ask him if he'd be interested in playing in a Rory band with me, two minutes later the phone rang - it was Burnsey 'Barry - I'm in'

A huge fan of Gerry's bass lines Mr 'B' is adamant that we are a Gerry Macavoy tribute band!

Fantastic player, great bloke, and my pal - which makes me lucky!

Halifax, Yorkshire

Also plays with:
Tony Dowler's Hellhounds
The Worried Men


Brian Chambers

Bri's bass playing mirrors his character - powerful, rhythmic, fluent and enormous fun!

An extremely good songwriter in his own right, Brian has been treading the boards for many years in all sorts of genres, making him a great all-round player, and his use of a plectrum on the bass produces my favourite Rory bass sounds.

A proud Scotsman, Bri is well known for wearing the kilt onstage for special performances - not to be missed!

Dunbarton, Dunbartonshire

Also plays with:


Derek White

Derek White - the ultimate professional.

Derek has played with some of the greats in this business and is a much sought-after session bass player.

Derek can be seen sitting in the van during a Sinnerboy tour listening to who he's playing with next on his headphones - and he never drops a note!

Always a warm welcome at Derek's (And his lovely wife Ally's) house, it's an honour and pleasure when he plays with us.

Also plays with:
Too many to mention, but:
His own great blues band Storm Warning
The Sharpies
Big Gilson (Brazil)


Paul Westwell

Paul works in my old business - photography, one day he saw the band I was in at the time playing, he enjoyed it and said that he'd love to do something like that but there's a problem - he couldn't play a musical instrument.

I rummaged around in my gig bag and came up with an old fluff - filled harmonica and said 'Here, have a puff on that'

He now plays the blues harp with some of the biggest names in the business!

A total virtuoso.

Bramhall, Cheshire

Also playes with:
Bernie Marsden


Jan Sperhake

Jan is a fantastic keyboard player, he can re-create the 'Irish tour' period like no other - Lou would have loved him!

He lives in Germany so it's not often we can get together but nevertheless he is an honourary and life-long member of Sinnerboy.

Jan is a historian and one of the most interesting men you could meet, but humble, kind hearted, affable and a pleasure whenever we are together.

He is also a great guitar player, and a wonderful singer!

Somewhere in Germany

Also plays with:
Other German type people