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Furth 2014

Another super tribute to our hero this weekend in Fürth, Germany. Great hospitality, damn good music and excellent friends is what these Rory do's are all about.

Our host Stefan Kugie Kugler picked us up from Nuremberg airport on Friday and took us to the usual and lovely hotel (But how narrow are German single beds? my big fat arse hung off both sides!) Then a huge Greek lunch at a local restaurant (They were from Thessaloniki but not a Trigona in sight Saloniki people!)

Then sound checked my acoustics - more food, lots of (excellent) beer and then a great set from 'Fall Apart' (Kugie, Anselm, and my old pal Volkhard)
They last played together in March but you would have thought it was the night before! They call Herr Schuster 'The Professor' and not for nothing - a true virtuoso, I had a quick go on his Strat afterwards hoping it was dead easy to play, explaining why he's so good - it wasn't, it was harder than mine, oh well...

I then played a half hour acoustic set with the whole of the sold out crowd singing along - awesome!

Then my first look at the excellent 'The taste of Rory' a rocking four piece who did Rory proud, sorry I didn't catch their names but they were really good, and the drummer knows as many jokes as me!

More beer, more food, more jokes then a good kip (Despite my dangly arse) slept through breakfast (In the words of that great seer Jed Thomas 'you can buy breakfast, you can't buy sleep') and met everybody at the Christmas Market for Gluehwein and pressie buying, then Sinnerboy sound check, beer, etc etc......

'The Factory' band impressed with some particularly throaty slide playing, then I had to introduce 'Kugler and Waloschik' (Try saying that after all that Gluehwein) fantastic acoustic duo (Stef and Marcus) Marcus had me green with envy just warming up backstage!

Then we finally got onstage to play a very understated and laid back set - completely obeying the club owners request to keep the volume well down.....shhh!

Mass 'Bullfrog Blues Jam.

Beer beer beer etc.

On Sunday (yesterday) our hosts took us to see the Zeppelin field - where the Nuremberg rallies were held, and the huge unfinished Coliseum - all astonishing and very chilling (and bloody freezing) I reckon old AH would have been a lot less of a pain in the arse if he'd have just chilled out and listened to a bit of Rory instead of all that bloody Wagner.

An honourable mention for Heike's Lasagna, Budgie was still talking about it in the van this morning!

Back to the airport for a short hop to Munich, a taxi ride that would have had Lewis Hamilton eating our dust to a hotel in the middle of nowhere, a perishing cold route march to the nearest Italian restaurant which was shut, but after Herr Smylie pleading with them in very impressive German - they opened up and gave us beer and Pizza!

This morning we just about made it home before a Pilot strike at Lufthansa (who seem to go out of their way to make life hard for their customers, but I won't whinge here)

Thanks a million to our hosts Stef, Heike and Ines, the great staff at Koffurfabrik, but most of all to the German Rory fans who sold out the gig and kept my faith in the fact that Rory fans are the best there is - and Rory Gallagher was the best that ever was.

Danke schön
Auf wiedersehen



Liverpool 2014

Once again I'm sitting at my laptop looking back on a wonderful weekend with so many Rory friends.
I don't know if other artists inspire such bonding friendships, but I cherish the Rory ones!
Firstly many apologies for the heat, I think it must have been the combination of the gig being a month earlier than usual and a sell out crowd, Lots of people had to leave before Sinnerboy's set - well they said it was because of the heat and not that we were crap!!! I am taking it into consideration for next year.......
Weren't the Jim Kirkpatrick band good? Actually they are called 'Jim Kirkpatrick and Heavy Weather" so apologies to Chris and Neil..
They won the audience over with the first chord of 'Continental Op", and Jim was wearing a shirt that Rory gave to Richard Newman and yes, I tried it on, and yes, it fitted and no, I didn't nick it!!
Laundromat were superb of course, Danny, Fred, Joeke and Martin. A great choice of numbers brilliantly played - 'Edged in Blue stood out for me, The companionship of them and their Dutch pals was great, we had a lovely Sunday afternoon mooching around New Brighton which, as they pointed out looked just like Ijmuiden!
It was big Dave's fourth gig and first tribute with Sinnerboy so he's now well and truly broken in, and Budgie rocked as usual. I couldn't believe how quickly our hour passed and we had to rush Bullfrog at the end unfortunately - but give me a break, I've only been doing this for 19 years!
All these musicians are wonderful, they do it for just expenses for the love of the music, but for me it has always been the people that are most important, all of us are Rory Gallagher fans, it's just that some of us are on the stage and some of us are in the audience. There were tributes going on in Maynooth, Ireland and Japan on the same night, and Band Of friends the day after in the Cavern I hope they had a great time too (Bet Rory's ears were burning!)
Finally I'd like to make a special mention of my old friend Paul Westwell, Paul has quietly worked his nuts off for 19 years helping me with this gig, and at the same time showing he's one of the best harp players in the land, he certainly impressed Bernie Marsden when he played with him and Jim's lads last week in Macc!
Next tribute is Furth, Germany, where we'll do it all again!!



Dave Smylie!

It's been a tough couple of months for Sinnerboy.

Rob's leaving the band was a bitter pill to swallow but we got through the tours with help from some special friends, Thank you to Nick Skelson, Bri Chambers and Pat Cannon for your musicianship and companionship, we're not out of the woods yet as new Dave has prior committments but you will definately see him in Liverpool, Chislehurst, Derby, and Germany.

I've fallen on my feet AGAIN with Dave, he's a great guy and a truly great musician!

Catch him soon!



Liverpool 2014!!

The Rorygig 20414 - Hurrayyy!!

Great gig with Richard Newman (Centre)

Exit Robin

It is with deep regret I announce that Robin Bass is leaving Sinnerboy. Please join me in thanking him for his great contribution to the band. I will announce his replacement when I find one!!


More tour diaries!

Some laughs, (well lots of them) some hard times, some downright tragedies, They are all here, in the life of a travelling Rory gallagher tribute band!

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Happy New Year everybody!

Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014!

After a year of change in 2013 the band is now stronger than it is has ever been and we’re really looking forward to 2014. Here are a few things to look out for:

January sees us playing a few gigs in the UK before flying out to Oslo at the beginning of February. In March, Barry is doing a solo acoustic tour of Ireland before re-uniting with the band for a gig at The Cavern, Liverpool on March 21st and Quofest IV on the 22nd. At the beginning of April we’re off to Holland for a run of dates. In May we have our first gig for BMF at The East of England Showground, Peterborough - and of course, the Rory Gallagher International Festival, Ballyshannon, Ireland at the end of May. We’ll be back in Ireland at the end of September for an extended Irish Tour. We have some great summer festival dates to look forward to in the UK and Europe (details to be announced) and in October we plan to be back out to Europe for an extended European Tour. In between all of this we will be playing venues the length and breadth of the UK!

It’s going to be a busy year and we’re really looking forward to it.
Happy New Year to you all.


'Rorygig' 2013


Thanks to all who turned out in Derby, Surrey and Mansfield to see the new line up - I'm very happy to say that we rocked like f***k! new Dave, and the Robster were inspired and I'm so looking forward to the coming gigs in Ireland and Europe - SEE YOU THERE!! Gig Guide

Welcome Dave Burgess!

Dave Burgess

I am delighted to announce our new drummer Dave Burgess.

Hailing from the gritty Northern town of Sheffield, Dave has power and taste and he can swing like a good 'un!
We are rehearsing furiously to be ready for the upcoming autumn tours and both Rob and I are thrilled by the
way Dave, with a very fresh approach, is adding his personal stamp on the music whilst studying the styles of
Rory drummers so hard.

Welcome Dave, I hope our association will be long, fruitful, and a bloody good laugh!


Stormin the Castle

I played my first ever bike rally last weekend - Stormin the castle in Co. Durham. (Although the boys have played them in other bands - Robin did the Bulldog bash with Dumpy's and Jonny with Brutal Deluxe)

Man what a great bunch of people - was knocked out by both the reception they gave us, and the respect and courtesy they showed us - I hope we get some more biker gigs!!


Exit Jonny Brutal

There is a lump in my throat as I make this announcement - Jonny Brutal is playing his last gig with Sinnerboy at the end of August.
I will be announcing his replacement soon - well as soon as I can find one, his shoes are not going to be easy to fill.
Sinnerboy really rocked with Jonny on the drumstool and I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him every success with his future plans.
Jonny is one of the best guys I have ever met, or worked with.


Website absence

Many apologies for the recent disappearance of the website - I bet you all thought I hadn't paid the bill eh? - as if!
Erm, well actually I hadn't but it's not my fault - honest! (Well, maybe it is)
It was that the domain name had run out, I took it on 10 years ago so the company was sending me emails to tell me to pay for another ten years, but the address they had was ten years out of date - anyway we're up and running again - sorry!


Ballyshannon 2013

Ballyshannon was great - I say it every year but it DOES just get better, for me at least.

Funny gig at the Rock hospital on Friday - my contract said 1PM which was unusual cos it's usually 12 so I thought I'd get there half an hour early just in case - I was half an hour late! when I got there i was soundly booed by the crowd as I drove the van into the grounds (All arranged by that rascal Dave McHugh of course)

I got there to Dave singing a blues song about 'Barry Barnes not getting up this morning'!! Anyway it turned out great and Dave had already collected over 300 Euros for a local charity - well done him.
Got a great present from the Norgies - two 'Artified' pics of myself!
The Norwegians and the Dutch mob were out in force and really know how to have a good time!

Our big Top gig was all we could have wished for - Seamie O'Dowd and the lads were great, Virgil and the Accelerators were next and they were so hot I thought we couldn't follow them but it was a great Rory crowd and we did really well. I must say how chuffed I am with Jonny and Rob - we rocked! JJ lent me a slide which belonged to Rory too which was a great buzz - didn't come complete with Rory's slide playing technique though - ah well...

Pat McManus and his merry men were fabulous as usual and then Andy Powell hit the stage to 'The King will Come' and I thought it couldn't get any better - until Rob and I joined them for a working of 'Bought and Sold' It was the second time I've got to play with Andy - what a privilege, I never missed a Wishbone gig at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester and there we were swapping solos - awesome! Big thanks to Pat and Sallie and the lads.

Rocking solo gig at Owen Rowes bar on Saturday followed by the hosting of the first Rory Gallagher pub quiz at Melly's - this should be a regular and more publicised thing from now on (And had a good laugh with Dino and family) then forgot to read the answers out - what a nob!

The Lantern bar gig on Saturday night was amazing, I think Hugh will have to build a bigger pub - there were loads of people trying to get in and giving up!

Sunday, and the Bridgend 'Open Mike' thing showed more talent than ever before and what great talent it was too - the highlight was Shaunies' 'Old Grey Whistle Test' theme - I accompanied him on a djembe that I picked up from a Glossop charity shop, which Pete Woodpecker showed the crowd how to play properly - then told me how crap it was!
The Spancil Hillbillys from Ayreshire played some great stuff, Bob played his guts out, some fantastic rhythmic blues playing from John Buttimer, Danny Vlaspoel then played with him which brought the house down.
German John played some great harp, a young man called Donagh? (forgive me if that's not right) played some great Dylan, and Danny and I finished with 'Wheels' to hardly a dry eye in the house (especially mine)
This gig more than any other of the weekend is the one that would make (If I may be so bold) Rory smile the most.
I'm sure I've forgotten somebody but no doubt I'll hear from them if I have!

Then my favourite gig of the weekend - The Big Top gig was fantastic but at Rory Gallagher place you can see every face in the crowd and those smiley faces just spur a performer on to give his best - Thank you everybody.

Finished at last! 6 gigs (plus the quiz) in three days was tough and it meant I'd had no time for any socialising so I crammed it all in on Sunday night, got to watch an incredibly great set from old chums Tony Dowlers Hellhounds, then the first half from more chums 'Moonchild' (lovely young lads) had a few pints with Trapper John then got halfway through Laundromat's blistering second set and set off on the 4 Kilometere walk back to the lovely bungalow we were staying at, then came across a sign which said 'Ballyshannon 8 Kilometres! I'd overshot and walked the 4 back - a 12 Kilometre walk was not quite what I intended to finish the weekend off but I enjoyed it anyway.

fab - fab - fab - a great weekend all in the name of Rory Gallagher, my idea of heaven!

Barry O'Neill for Prime Minister of the world!


New clips from Ballyshannon on the video page!


Wijk Aan Zee 2013

Wow - Wijk Aan Zee rocked this year!

The new Sinnerboy line-up seemed to go down a storm, I got to play some acoustic with Danny (Laundromat) and Peter (Juke Joints) and I jammed with the Juke Joints and with one of my bezzy pals Larry Miller. Laundromat played a great set too!

It's always such a pleasure to play at the Dutch Rory tribute, all the people there are warm, generous and share a passion common to all these tribute concerts - Rory Gallagher!

Tattood Lady (video)




Greece 2013

Wow - Greece was awesome!

After two rehearsals with the Mano's (Koutsakis and Delotis) Sinnerboy Greece hit the stage at Kyttaro club to 650 wonderful wonderful Greek Rory fans - as long as I live I will never tire of seeing the seas of happy smiling faces as they soak up the Rory songs, their enthusiasm and singing made three hours fly by in a flash - thank you and well done to Simos Pavlidis, Anna Gika and all who were involved in promoting a fantastic night in Athens!

Next was an acoustic gig with my great friend and ace guitar player Manos Kampouris at 'San Allote' in the Filadepfia area of Athens, famous for being on the site of the old stadium where Rory played in 1982 - I rang Donal from the site and he bade me give his best wishes to the people of Greece. The audience were, again amazing as were the owners of the bar (Dimitris and Nikos)
Sotiris Tsallis gave me a new Rory story well worth reading here

Then Manos and I said a sad farewell to Richie Beum (Woof Woof) and headed off on the tour.

Patras first where I've not played for a few years and was so good to see the guys there, Spillios and Panos gave us a very warm welcome at the Stone Bar - some people were missing as Olympiakos (The Grek Man United) were on telly but we rocked anyway!! I might get Greek hate mail about the United bit now - but they lost anyway!

On to Ioannina where we had a lovely afternoon sailing to the island with my lovely young friend Myrto Kat - who took us to a coffee house where we smoked a big bong full of apple smoke (Not dope) I was a bit green for an hour or two but these things must be done!
The gig was at Cafe Kaplanio which is owned by George Gakis who is not only a legendary Rock star in Greece but also the nicest guy you could meet, Me and Manos played a little acoustic then I played some electric with 'Blues People' an excellent local blues band who work really hard on Rory songs just to make me sound good once a year!!

Thessaloniki next where we had dinner at club owner Georges restaurant with our lovely hosts Evi and Maria then rocked next door at Dizzy Dolls, great to see Sotiris and his lovely chums and the Maria's Vassilikis and Stargazer along with Silvia Giannapolou. (apologies to all the boys there but those three are, erm let's say rather memorable!) We had coffee the next day at Evi and Manos cafe, Evi disapeared for a while and returned with a large box of the best thing about saloniki - Trigona! (Little sweet parcels of pure wanton gorgeousnes) As a footnote I have never visited Thessaloniki with Manos without him managing to pour some kind of food or drink down his trousers.

On to Lamia to a blinding venue called 'Cosa Nostra' owned by a delightful lady called Thekla Lignou. We really did a good job there with a great sound and stage setup, next day we had lunch as guests of Tolis and his lovely wife (Shrimps in this cheesy stuff - awesome) and drinks at Tolis wine bar before heading back to the paws of Richie Beum in Athens (Woof Woof) Then drinks with Anthia and Manoulis.

I miss Greece so much after one day, but I can't get too maudlin 'cos we're on the way to rock in another of my favourite places in the world - Wijk Aan Zee tribute in Holland!! - (report soon)

Barry (Back of the van - M6)

Athens rocked!.....

.........big style!


What a few weeks it's been, first touring IT74 with Jan, then a brief foray into Europe then the Cavern and last wekend to Furth in Germany to play with the guys there, in the words of that doyen Greg Wallace "Rocking doesen't get any better that this"

We had so much fun with Jan. he is such a lovely guy and what a player, I keep trying to kidnap him but he keeps going home to Germany - cheek! Playing irish tour 74 live was certainly a challenge, it's a real technical piece but Nick, Jonny and Jan pulled it off (not too sure I did but hey, there was only one Rory!)

The Cavern rocked (As always) It was great to have the Jed Thomas band back after a long absence from the Rorygig, the original line up too with Nibbs and Paul (great) The guys played a few non-Rory tunes too which I wasn't sure about but the crowd didn't seem to mind, I'd be interested in any feedback please to tell me if you think the gig should be 100% Rory or you don't mind a little variety.

I had my buddy from Athens Manos Kampouris join me onstage for a short acoustic set, Manos plays the guitar on some of the tracks on my solo album 'What do you mean you've not heard it - it's here!!!: Shop he is a superb player and the crowd seemed to appreciate it, I'ts never easy following rock and roll with acoustic but we showed 'em!

Jan joined us again for IT74 and then we had the usual mayhem jam at the end, but the biggest thing to come out of the weekend was 'Keep your eyes on 'Mishap' if these three talented and affable young Irishmen don't make it in the music business I will show my arse on the town hall steps!

Stefan 'Kugie' Kugler asked me over to Furth in Germany to play some acoustic and to jam with The Loop, Remember Rory, and The Bearded babies, after giving it some serious and deep thought (for about .1 of a second!) I accepted and I'm so glad I did - it was fab!

A really good band called 'Blues factory' opened up with some tasty guitar and unusual song choices which don't usually get outings (Including would you believe Wee Wee Baby) then I lowered the tone a bit with an acoustic set (My mate Paul joined me on harmonica) then i got up with the Loop for I Take what I want. When I play with somebody in the class of Volkhard Schuster I just do my own thing, if I try to play like him I end up with my fingers stuck in the strings!

On Saturday we went to Nurnberg to see the famous Chrismas market, it was too famous! Packed from one end to the other. Paul and I shuffled about for a few minutes, had a sausage (as you do) Then went to drink Gluewhein with Asle and Marette instead - a good decision. I got up for a couple of numbers with the bearded wonders, oh and paul brought the house down when he joined us on 'Off the Handle'
Another acoustic set (Stefan joined me on acoustic bass for a couple of tunes) Then the weekend ended with the excellent Remember Rory, I jammed with them too and was very drawn to Stefan and Anselm - surely one of the best rhythm sections out there and a joy to play with.

Solo Ireland next week - yippeeee!!! I'm being joined for the Dundalk gig by a great young sax player caller Adrian Kelly - don't miss him!



Jimmy Page pays tribute to Rory Gallagher

Jimmy Page

Click for bigger image

Jimmy mentions his admiration for Rory at 22:26 Here


Donal interview in the Sunday Times

Cork City has the blues. An air of deprivation lingering across the city’s Celtic Tiger-era edifices may explain why Cork strongly embraces the memory of Rory Gallagher, its most famous son and a bluesman of extraordinary talent.

Rory Gallagher (1948-1995) was the Irish Republic’s first rock star. With his blazing guitar and beatific smile Gallagher was the Gaelic guitar hero. And in his humble manner very much a musician of the people. Yet by the 90s Rory was a reclusive paranoid, his torso swollen by steroids. When he died (from complications following a liver transplant) an outpouring of grief followed: Van Morrison, U2, Johnny Marr, Brian May and Slash all saluted Rory’s musical brilliance and personal generosity. Now, with a comprehensive reissue of his solo albums underway, Gallagher’s legacy is finally being celebrated. Thus I’m walking the streets of Cork with the man who knew Rory best – his brother Donal Gallagher.

“Talking about Rory can get a bit heated,” says Donal, noting how football fans in Cork and Donegal recently clashed over which team “owned” Rory’s allegiance. Such are the tribulations surrounding a local legend. “I’m constantly encountering fans from all around the world,” he adds. “And they’re often youngsters. You-Tube’s introduced Rory to a new generation.”

Donal and Rory grew up sharing the same bedroom above a Cork pub. A year Rory’s junior, Donal became Rory’s roadie. Then tour manager. Then manager. And now he looks after the estate. He truly is his brother’s keeper. Fortuitously, Rory owned his solo recordings and Donal and his son Daniel are overseeing the reissue of Rory’s first eleven solo albums (1971-82). Listen to the young gun – strong songs, warm vocals and the guitar playing . . . the guitar playing is just in-cred-i-ble. Outside of Jimi Hendrix and Peter Green no other rock guitarist has managed to convey such warmth, finesse and wild excitement. Yet like Hendrix and Green, Gallagher’s talent could not protect him from the storms of life.

“Rory could build a guitar but he couldn’t boil an egg,” says Donal. “Music was everything to him. Once he started playing guitar as a boy he ignored everything else. Just stayed in his room practicing and practicing.”

Thus Rory’s social skills remained underdeveloped.

“Rory found it impossible to form lasting bonds with people,” notes Donal. “He was his own worst enemy. Playing music was his all. Off the road he didn’t know what to do with himself.”

Rory showed a propensity and passion for music as a child. In his early teens he convinced his mother to buy him a second-hand Fender Stratocaster on hire purchase. Aged 15 he joined the Fontana Showband, working dances across Ireland and England before heading out to Hamburg’s Star Club. The pimps, prostitutes and merchant seamen who frequented the Star hailed Rory as the most exciting rocker since The Beatles learnt their trade there. Forming Taste, he based himself in Belfast. Word quickly spread of the teenage prodigy. Management, a contract with Polydor and the inevitable shift to London followed.

Taste lit up London – John Lennon described them as “the only band worth seeing” while Eric Clapton invited Taste to support Cream’s Royal Albert Hall farewell – and their two albums proved international hits. Yet after playing 1970’s Isle Of Wight Festival Rory quit: the band’s manager had him on £15 a week wages and Gallagher chose to walk away rather than fight.

“We were living in Earls Court bedsits,” recalls Donal. “Taste were in the charts, headlining major festivals, but not seeing the proceeds. Later, when I became Rory’s manager, I insisted we go to court to get the royalties. Even then Rory was reluctant. He didn’t like conflict.”

Rory’s gentle nature made him an icon of peace and goodwill in a divided Ireland. As The Troubles worsened Rory became the only major musician willing to tour Northern Ireland, his concerts cathartic events where Catholics and Protestants could gather in a conflict-free arena.

“Rory emphasized that he would not take sides in the dispute,” says Donal. “He insisted we tour there because he believed in the positive power of music. While Tony Palmer filmed his 1974 Irish tour he tried to push Rory into taking a stance but Rory refused. He was there to bring joy not politics.”

Palmer’s film Irish Tour ’74 remains one of the great concert movies while the resulting live album captured Rory at his most exciting and inspired. No wonder The Rolling Stones, then searching for a guitarist to replace Mick Taylor, invited Rory to join.

“Rory flew to their base in Holland and stayed three days,” says Donal. “But Keith was too stoned to play and Rory had a Japanese tour lined up. He left without even a ‘goodbye’. At the time Rory was outselling the Stones across Europe so it’s not like he needed the gig. But, in retrospect, I wish he had communicated more with them as it could have worked. He and Charlie Watts would have got on very well – both being consummate musicians and jazz fans.”

Rory certainly didn’t need The Stones for money: he sold over thirty million albums and innumerable concert tickets. Yet perhaps the camaraderie of playing in The Stones would have helped calm his anxieties. A fear of flying fed phobias that developed, in the 80s, into hypochondria. Amoral GPs wrote him prescription after prescription. Addicted to pills and liking a drink, Rory’s health collapsed.

“Rory wouldn’t smoke a joint,” says Donal, “but he self-medicated with prescription pills. And that caused so much damage. On tour I once went through his baggage and found a hornet’s nest of pills. I checked with a German pharmacist who said ‘if he’s mixing these with alcohol it’s the devil’s brew’.”

Donal’s had a long time to deal with losing Rory but his frustration and grief remain palpable.

“Rory got more and more paranoid. He played Montreux Jazz Festival with Bob Dylan in 1994 and Dylan, who had always been a fan, came up after the show and said how he would love to record with Rory. I thought ‘manna from heaven!’ and that this would be the fresh start we needed. That night Rory locked himself in the hotel’s penthouse and wouldn’t come out for three days.”

Donal swapped Rory’s prescription pills for homeopathic placebos. He confronted the GPs. He confronted Rory. He sent Rory home to mum in Cork. Too late: a liver transplant in early-1995 appeared successful but Rory’s rare blood type and shattered immune system lead to rejection. Like George Best, another Irish genius of the same generation, Rory Gallagher would die before his time.

“My wife wonders if Rory was autistic. That’s a possibility,” says Donal. “Anyway, what Rory achieved can’t be taken away. People love his music. Across the USA they’re rediscovering Rory for the first time since the 70s. In Paris there’s a Rue Rory Gallagher, Hamburg has a plaque, Dublin and Ballyshannon have statues. Fender’s Rory signature guitar is one of their best sellers. There’s a biopic in the works. It’s a bit like those old black bluesmen Rory loved so dearly – he’s more appreciated now than when he was alive.”

Garth Cartwright —

(published in the Sunday Times, September 30, 2012)

Lou Martin

Lou Martin

Click for bigger image

I know everybody in the world of Rory will mourn the passing of Lou Martin.
Lou was such a warm and friendly man, we used to visit him regularly when we were gigging 'down South' we'd sit and listen to his stories of life in the RG band. He was ill then after his stroke but he would have us howling with laughter. His Mum Margaret would sometimes ring me up to see when we were coming down because Lou enjoyed our visits so much.

My favourite Lou moment was after the Rory tribute gig in Hammersmith, we were staying in a hotel that had a piano in the lounge bar, Lou played EVERYTHING i asked him to from Jelly Roll Morton to Chopin, he really was a superb player. However the evening drew to an end when I joined him in a version of 'Nutrocker' by drumming on the lid of the piano - we were told sharply to shut up by the management and escorted out of the bar and up to bed. Lou told me not to worry about it as he'd been thrown out of much better hotels than that!

I'm not trying to claim I was a close friend or anything but I'll miss him.


Are you here?

Audience at Rory Gallagher Place, Ballyshannon.

Click for bigger image

This is the awesome audience in Rory Gallagher Place 2012, click on the image to see it bigger - if you see yourself send me an email telling me who, and where you are in the shot.

So far I've got:

John Hynes (Centre, hat giving it large)
Juney Dennis (left, faggin it)
Jen Skelson (left studying camera)
Kai and Tia Clayton (kids at front left)
Ben Cuddihy (Glasses, grin right, middle of crowd just behind hand)
JJ (baseball cap, middle)
Gordon Flash (beard, behind JJ)
Laura White (Blonde, front)
Tommy Dolan (he says he's just out of shot on the right!)
Jamie Callaghan (he says he's just out of shot to the left!)
Alysson Murray (front,left, hat)
Maria Brown (at the back looking for Laura!)
Jacinta Deevey (Blonde girl behind arm on far left, to the right of the security guy in the high vis jacket - phew!)
Bob farrelly (To the right of Jacinta)
Karl Hammond (Green shirt, big smile behind guy in black jacket and glasses near the front)


3 Drumkiteers.

Ted McKenna, Rod de'Ath and Brendan O'Neil

Click for bigger image

Three great drummers - Ted, Rod and Brendan after Lou's funeral.

The one in the middle has no idea the pain Jonny Brutal is going through trying to learn 'Irish Tour '74'!


Happy New year!


With the Maestro.

With Mark Feltham.

Click for bigger image


Wishbone Gallagher.

Click for bigger image.

Pat McManus, Barry, Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash) Gary Murphy (Sound Shop Drogheda)